"Radio" Illustration by Veronica Marche. Via

I have had this photo of Solange Knowles on my “Inspiration” Pinterest board forever, and finally sat down to sketch it. I’m playing around with a new technique for creating backgrounds, which I have oh-so-eloquently named “scrubbling.” (Like “scribbling,” “scrubbing” and “bubbling” all rolled into one. Don’t judge me.)

This is illustration is a new favorite, simply because of the vibrance and the colors. Plus: Afro. So of course I love it.


Animal Print illustration by Veronica Marche. Via


I was in New York walking through Central Park with one of my besties recently, when I saw two gorgeous women rocking animal print like it was nobody’s business. One had on a beautiful, floaty maxi dress, and the other had a glorious, ginormous afro puff swooped to one side. They were so effortlessly gorgeous and fly.

A soon as my friend and I got to our destination, I went to work in my sketchbook with my Tombow pens. If there’s anything love sketching as much as afros (and I love those A LOT), it’s animal print.

Obsessed with Checks

Checked in Pink by Veronica Marche. Via
I have a bit of a obsession with checks. My eye always goes straight to blouses, dresses and pants with a window-pane print, and I’ve been stalking this floaty black-and-white windowpane top from ASOS for MONTHS. (Still sold out. Still sad.)

But when in doubt, just draw it out, right? Here’s my girl rocking a super-cute check-print skirt — it’s floaty, pink and flouncy, but thanks to the check print, it’s not *too* girly.

Thanks windowpane. Until we meet again….

Riding Cool

"Ride Cool" Illustration by Veronica Marche. Via


I’ve been a little obsessed with bikes these last few months. I bought one as a birthday gift to myself in July, and finished a logo project with a good friend who is not only a photographer, but also a competitive cyclist. Then I saw this Instagram post by In Her Shoes and thought, “Well, hell, I have to draw a girl and her bike now.”

What do you think? She’s breezy. She’s cool. She’s in front of the coolest blue brick wall ever. I’m digging her. :-)

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