Custom Illustration Services

Charming. Stylish. Playful. Unique…
Custom Illustrations by Veronica-Marché Miller

'Errin & Gingy' by Veronica Marché Miller

‘Errin & Gingy’ by Veronica Marché Miller

Custom illustrations by Veronica Marché Miller show off your unique style and personality. Use them on your personal business cards, as illustrations on your web site, or  to hang as artwork in your home.

Veronica’s illustrations have been commissioned for social media campaigns, advertising and special event programs.

Custom illustrations are also great gifts — for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays or any other special celebration. You’ll definitely win points for leaving behind something so unique.

'Rock the Red Pump' Badge by Veronica Marché Miller

‘Rock the Red Pump’ Badge by Veronica Marché Miller

How does the Custom Sketch Process work?

It’s super simple:
1) We chat about what you’re looking for — a personalized fashion sketch, an illustration as a gift, or artwork for your company or web site, and…
2) I create a customized full-color sketch for you.

Easy, right? And fun too.

'Maddie and the Butterfly' by Veronica-Marché

‘Maddie and the Butterfly’ by Veronica-Marché

What can you expect with your custom illustration?

Your custom illustration will be original, hand-drawn artwork on quality paper.

If it’s a print you’re looking for, your artwork will be sent to you, ready for framing and display.

If you need a digital file to include in publications or printed materials, a quality, high-resolution image will be sent to you.

Either way, you will have a true original — my custom illustrations are never sold or given to anyone else.

'Adena Has The Ball' by Veronica Marche

‘Adena Has The Ball’ by Veronica Marche

Ready to get started on your custom illustration? Email me at for rates and to let me know what kind of illustration you’re looking for.

Can’t wait to hear from you!