Scandal - Olivia Pope Illustrated by Veronica Marché

Who else is a huge fan of “Scandal”? RAISE YOUR HANDS HIGH! I know I’m not the only one who is SUPER excited about the show’s return tonight. When we last left Olivia Pope and Associates, the president was in the hospital, Huck was on the run, Harrison was taking charge, and Abby was… well, I’m not sure what Abby was doing. But it all comes back TONIGHT!

Of course, one of my favorite characters of “Scandal” isn’t actually a person — it’s Olivia Pope’s wardrobe.  The blazers, the blouses, the pants, and even the evening gowns, all in shades of white, ivory and cream. And that trench coat! I couldn’t help myself, so I decided to celebrate the return of my favorite show with a fashion sketch of Ms. Pope in the single most popular (and most-coveted) item in her wardrobe.

By the way, ABC has a super cool behind-the-scenes video featuring Kerry Washington and costume designer Lyn Paolo, talking about the creation of Olivia Pope’s wardrobe. Check it out below:

What’s your favorite part of of Olivia’s wardrobe? And how excited are you to watch tonight?!