Black Christmas Cards by Veronica Marche

I’m SUPER excited to share this with you. This holiday season, by ‘Fabulous Brown Girls!’ holiday card collection will be sold in T.J. MaxxHome Goods and Marshall‘s stores nationwide. EEK!

‘Fabulous Brown Girls’ is personal project I’ve been doing for a few years now. I heard my friends lamenting about the lack of cool, stylish holiday cards for women of color, sooooo…  I created them. And I began my own holiday tradition of selling them each year. My illustrated ladies became pretty popular, and now they’re going to be sold by three of my favorite stores. Couldn’t ask for a better Christmas gift. 🙂

Black Holiday Cards by Veronica Marche

An added bonus — there will also be ‘Fabulous Brown Girls!’ gift bags and wine bags. They’re incredibly well-made and roomy enough to hold all the holiday goodies you want to give your family and friends.

Black Christmas Cards by Veronica Marche

So… how can you get your hands on these lovely ladies? This holiday season, head to your nearest T.J. Maxx, Home Goods or Marshall’s and look for them in the Christmas section. The bags come in three sizes, and the cards come in boxes of 15.

And make sure you tweet me at @veronicamarche when you pick them up! Tell me who’s your favorite. I want to see you guys with your Fabulous Brown Girls. 🙂

  • hdotyoung

    Excellent and well deserved 🙂

  • nkenge

    Congrats you are pretty awesome Running to TJ Maxx in the morning. Love these.

  • NJnative

    Co-worker gave me one of the Christmas cards. Just loved it! I will make sure I have a box for the 2016 holiday.